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Article #:1
Date: Monday, July 20, 2020
Over 400 Million users worldwide user Microsoft Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 is used by more than 400 million people worldwide, not including pirated versions of the operating system.
Mac users are at about 100 million users/owners.
Linux users are around 100 million. However, this does not include Android users.
Peeling back the layers of the OS, as long as you know how to use the system, and don't depend on sketchy software to keep your system optimized and backup software running in the background continually using up space on the hard drive. You should, in most counts, have a pleasant experience with Windows 10.

There have been many recent updates that have caused some significant issues with installed software as well as connected hardware problems. Microsoft does seem to roll out patches and fixes for the problems, but it makes one wonder why they released these updates to begin with?
When Microsoft had onsite testers, they did a much better job of releasing good stable software, but that all changed when they switched from onsite testing to us, the end-users. They roll-out updates and patches, and if it bricks your system, you send in the error report, they recreate the issue inhouse and then roll out a patch to correct the problem they should not have released, to begin with.
We can only hope Microsoft either does a better job at rolling out more stable software in the future or, they bring back the onsite testers.
Either way, our Knowledge Base will be here to help with issues that you and we encounter together.